Business Services

We work with our clients to develop training that fits with their specific needs and training outcomes, and if required, we work with professional bodies to have these programmes accredited. Our primary goal in all our training and coaching programmes is very simple, to make a difference that is both long lasting and transferable. In a nutshell, skills that add real value to your organisation and confidence in the use of new skills that last a lifetime.

This is a slection of the type of in-house training programes we design and delever to our organisational clients. 

Advanced Communication Skills

Communication is the most important foundation for interactions, both in and out of the workplace. For individuals to be able to work effectively within a business, they require a strong skill set in communication and influencing.

Understanding how you communicate with others as well as how other people use communication will help you further your communication style and improve relationships in your business and personal life.

This course aims to help you fine tune the way you interact with others which can be the key to your workplace success. Whether communicating under pressure, managing challenging relationships or looking to build lasting rapport, your style and interpersonal competence can make or break your chances of achieving your objectives.

Coaching Skills for Managers

Managers want better performance from employees, and employees want better feedback from managers. When managers know more about employees’ performance motivation, they are better able to link employees to appropriate tasks, projects and products and help the organisation achieve its goals.

Coaching Skills for Managers is a highly interactive training that will give delegates the knowledge, skills and the confidence to apply the coaching approach in their everyday management activity.

Delivering Great Customer Service

Whether you operate in the public or private sector there is an increased expectation for organisations and suppliers to be totally focused on delivering great customer service, in fact, customer service that is outstanding.  What is it that customers really want? A quick response? Instant information? Friendly dialogue? All the above, and more!

When customers are pleased, they’re likely to spend about 10% more on your product or service plus call again. But if they think they haven’t been treated right, they’ll tell everyone who’ll listen about their bad experience. In this training that is designed for customer service representatives, customer service managers and supervisors you’ll learn hundreds of techniques and tips for effectively and successfully dealing with customers.

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