Challenge Equals Growth

Challenge Equals Growth.

Challenge Equals Growth.

I read a post on one of the social media channels where an individual was essentially saying that they do not like to see the news, read or hear about our history or be open to anything that does not fit into their “shiny Instagram view of the world”.

I was fascinated, how narrow this is and, in my view, a tad dangerous and personally reductive.  I noticed the next day another post on the same social media channel another post that rang very true to me:

Studying history will sometimes disturb you. Studying history will sometimes upset you and sometimes studying history will sometimes make you furious.

If studying history ALWAYS makes you feel proud and happy, you probably aren’t studying history.

It got me thinking about how we view our place in history as we live and grow through in ways that we may never have thought of before Covid-19.

I was asking myself questions like:

  • What have I learnt during this past year?
  • What new insight, knowledge, skill or personal change will I be able to lean on and use to move my business forward, help others and be a better human being?
  • Have a grown, or just been “on hold” and waiting for so-called freedom day?

I went back to the gym this morning for the first time in well over a year… it was not easy, of course, I know that all growth requires effort.

Painted on the wall of the gym, in very large letters there is this quotation:

If it doesn’t challenge you…

It doesn’t change you!

As I worked out I kept reading those words and recalling the thoughts I had about the social media posts I mentioned above.  The truth seems clear, just like the growth we get from a regular exercise programme, all intellectual, mental, emotional and spiritual growth requires us to move out of the comfort zone in one way or another.

There is NO growth if the reading of our past (personal and national) causes us to feel a little uncomfortable, there is no growth if our personal development content causes us to feel a little challenged and there is NO growth if our professional development programme does no challenges us and leave us feeling stretched.

So, my challenge for all those that read this is to ask yourself this question:

Are the challenges you are working with helping you grow, and are you clear that these are the best challenges to help you reach your personal and professional goals?

For me, its clear… I need to up my game… both professionally and even more so physically– So — I will learn to love my 7.00 am workouts.. !

– Tony Nutley

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