What is CPD?

The UK College of Personal Development has been designing and delivering award-winning both Personal and Professional CPD Courses for over 20 years. Our name tells you everything, this is what we do.

As well as our Accredited Professional (AC, ANLP) and Academic (ILM) qualifications we have over 20 years delivered and hosted a wide range of guest speakers, highly focused workshops, Practice Groups Co-Coaching events etc.

We recently launched our UKCPD Accredited programme to give CPD Credits for our guest speakers and other developmental events.  The accrediting process is based on looking at the time, the focus of the topic being explored and if there is an assessment or the events encourages professional reflective practice and exploration.

CPD Explained

It’s a mark of excellence in any professional practice or occupation to engage in ongoing learning and reflecting process, usually described as CPD or Continuing Professional Development.

The fundamental idea of CPD for any professional is the desire of both the individual and the profession that they belong to and operate in to continue to grow, in knowledge, in understanding and to keep abreast of new insights, development or even legislation that has an impact on their particular industry.

CPD activities generally fall into 3 categories:

Active Engagement

This could include attending specific training programmes, workshops, topic-specific seminars industry conferences etc.

Reflective Practice

This usually involves reading industry or professional journals, research papers. For those professions that work with individuals such as Coaching, NLP Practitioner etc, reflecting on your sessions, journaling and taking time to observe any patterns etc.  Also, being a part of a supervision process would be an extremely desirable practice to have.

Self-Directed Learning / Research

This could include much of the previous category, as well as a focus on an individual’s personal interest that led to focused research or work on the development of new material.

CPD Accreditation

There are some organisations that offer a service of Accraeadting CPD, while this may be useful, this accreditation has no formal or legal or for the most part, industry-specific recognition. For some, however, given the general assessment process that these organisations must use to cover so many different industries and professions, the value of the accreditation is minimal.

A more focused, beneficial and value add process is usually experienced by the professional bodies that support or govern industry-specific professional activities.  Most professional bodies will have some form of recognising or indorsing industry-specific CPD provision through an assessment process that would involve assessing the content, quality, and effectiveness and value of any formal or structured CPD that involved Active Engagement, workshops, seminars etc.

The UK College of Personal Development continues to work with our Professional Bodies to ensure all CPD is of the very highest quality and support the advancement and the recognition of the professional body’s development of an accreditation and recognition process.