How Successful People Create Success

How Successful People Create Success
How Successful People Create Success

So, a quick question for you, have you ever wondered what is it that makes successful people successful?

To be honest I would be fairly surprised if you answered no, most people will at some point in their life reflect on this question. This is not surprising as most people would like a little more success and happiness in their personal and professional life.

In fact, I believe that have yet to meet a person that asked the questions or questions around what it takes to be really successful and have a measure of genuine happiness, and – – given the industry, I have worked in for 20 plus years I am often asked questions like the following:

  • What is so different for successful people?
  • How did they get where they are?
  • Do they do something different to the rest of us?

Its sometimes said that it just luck, that success just happens to some people. But I believe that this couldn’t be further from the truth.


“The Harder I Work; the Luckier I Get.” ~ Samuel Goldwyn


My experience and the textbooks confirm this, successful people have a strategy, they take specific steps to achieve their personal and or professional success, whether this be financial success or achieving a high level of performance in some other way. I am telling you now, they really did not just wake up one day and find that success had miraculously been delivered to their doorstep.

Quite the opposite: Successful people have worked hard to get where they are and overall successful people engage in all or most of the following habits:

1. Set Goals

Successful people are always setting ambitious set goals, and goals that have a specific completion date and are quantified with specific success criteria. Setting clear ambitious goals with a time frame and a solid strategy will bring more success into your life.

2. Make a Start NOW!

Successful people start with the end in mind, and they start immediately. They don’t drag their feet or put it off. They act on a goal right away, because they understand the power of momentum, the passion or emotion associated with the goal they have just set. They may break the goal into smaller chunks, the key is taking action in the moment.

3. Invest in Your Personal / Professional Development

Those that are successful in life are always investing, and a key part of that is investing in themselves, their knowledge and their skills, especially their interpersonal or so-called soft skills. They read the book, and they attend the courses and gain additional career-enhancing qualifications on an ongoing basis.


“If you want to get more, you have to become more.” ~ Jim Rohn


4. Think Positive & Be Positive

Successful people are usually optimists and believe the glass is always half full, with the option to fill it up many times over! They are good to be around as they have a “can-do” attitude towards life, they see the positive in most situations and in a crisis, they will more often than not see an opportunity. Importantly, they believe in their ability to work towards and achieve their goals.

5. Failure is Their Teacher

Failure is the greatest teacher we have in life. Unsuccessful people tend to have a fear of failure because they’re overly concerned with the judgment of others or have a small world view, the pie is so small .. or they have multiple limiting beliefs about their abilities and what success will do for them. Successful people are willing to risk the jump, they have heard the mantra, fail quick and fail fast!

6. They Look After Their Health

Successful people take care of both their physical, mental and emotional health. They maintain a balanced diet and keep a reasonable level of fitness. The key to this is habit, a cursory look at the daily/weekly of successful people will show that they have a regular schedule that has time allocated for personal wellbeing.

If you are reading this, then you are part of the resistance and an investor in the future success of us all!

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