New Website & Student Platform

New website

The UKCPD team are happy to announce that we have launched our brand new website that includes its Student Learning Platform and Members support services including dedicated Groups and Forums.

We have been in Beta Testing for the last couple of weeks making minor updates and changes based on user feedback and use of the site and platform.  The platform includes a fantastic user interface for online learning, each topic or area of study has a dedicated Group and Forum, as well as a general Facebook-style news feed for student and members updates etc.

The UKCPD Team have worked with Paul Eagles and his team at Midwinter Web Design, Paul and his team have been an excellent partner during this entire project.  As the Founder and CEO of the UK College of Personal Development I would like to say for the record:

“We approached 5 different organisations to work with us on this project, Paul filled us with confidence from the get-go, and our faith in him and his team proved to be exactly right. Throughout the entire process Paul and his team have been a model of customer service, the listened to us, understood what we were trying to create and even when we made constant changes and adjustments to what we wanted midstream, Paul and his team were supportive, patient and delivered way beyond what we had hoped for. 

The result of our collaboration is excellent and the feedback we have had from both College Members and Students has been super positive.  I would recommend Paul and his team at Midwinter Web Design in a heartbeat”. ~ Tony Nutley 

Given the fact that Covid-19 has changed everything in the training and development world, we feel that this new website and Student/Members platform is essentially a new foundation on which the College can grow and extend both its range of service delivery and its portfolio of both courses and professional qualifications.

To celebrate this milestone, we are extending discounts across the entire site, PLUS for the next few weeks, we are offering a selected set of course to all for FREE*.  The discounts are listed on each course page, simply look for the study area you are interested in.

Free Courses:

NLP: An Introduction 

This online training course is made up of an introductory module and welcome video, 5 different modules which cover a solid introduction to NLP and a module containing bonus material.  The course covers some of the key histories of how NLP developed, some key models and concepts. If you have ever wondered what NLP is all about, then this programme is for you. Click HERE and use the discount code “newfuture” at the checkout.

Lead, Motivate & Inspire

A 3 module self-study training programme covering the key elements that enable managers and leaders to develop and become GREAT managers and leaders. Each module covers different developmental areas of leadership and management skill and knowledge. Click HERE and use the discount code “newfuture” at the checkout.

*Free offer is valid till April 29th 2021

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