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Launching VERY Soon! — Launch Pricing

For those individuals that think BIG, that have a vision for their future an the future of their business. This subscription membership is focused on those that want to develop and enhance their entrepreneurial spirit and grow their business venture.

Monthly Membership is just £10.00.  To register for the Monthly Membership via Direct Debt click on the button:

Once registered, we will email you to let you know that you have been added to the group.  Annual Membership: 120.00 via the add to basket button.





Launching VERY Soon!

Be Inspired Group is designed for College Members and current students that are actively engaged in developing and building their Coaching, NLP or Consulting practice.Think BIG

This is a subscription service, with a mix of LIVE and recorded content that is designed to help those that are keen on accelerating the growth of their business.

As well as UKCPD generated content including key elements of Success Factor Modelling and other related concepts and approaches, we will have guest speakers, carefully curated content and a monthly peer group meeting and co-coaching.

If you wish to develop your entrepreneurial spirit with a group of likeminded individuals, then this group may be for you.  The full package is still being developed, so far it includes:

Monthly Peer Group Meeting

A master mind approach where group members share experiences, key learnings and co-coach each other on business development outcomes and be key accountable partners.

New Content Added Monthly

Each month we will be adding new and carefully curated content to the video library that will be focused on motivation, encouraging, informing and supporting the entrepreneurial mindset.

Open Directory of Coaches & Practitioners

Another feature of membership of the Be Inspired Group is our brand new public facing directory for qualified NLP Practitioner’s, Coaches, and Consultants.

Guest Speakers

We will be inviting individuals that we think the members would like to hear from. These will include people who have had success and experience in the marketplace and be in a position to share experience in business development, marketing, business systems and more.


All Group Members will be eligible for a minimum of 10% discount on all core professional qualifications and academic qualifications.

Monthly CPD Events

Our current monthly schedule of CPD events will have an open invite to all members.

All events will be recorded and made available in the group video directory.