How to Deliver Coaching & NLP Services Online


Delivering your Coaching and or NLP services online is probably now a key part of your practice development strategy. You may have questions about how to get the very bets out of this delivery channel, or what really is best practice in online delivery.

This workshop will answer these questions and many more.

Date: April 6th – 7.00pm – 8.30pm





How to Deliver Coaching & NLP Services Online – A CPD Workshop For Coaches and NLP Practitioners

The steady growth of online delivery of Coaching & NLP services has been growing for the last few years, the advent of the pandemic has massively accelerated this model of delivery with both software and the equipment technology being widely available and at a fairly low level of investment for professional practitioners.

Over the two years of lockdowns and limited face to face client time or opportunity, a lot has been learnt about what best practice in online delivery looks like.  From the best software to which cameras and how to get the best out of your home office set up etc.  Just opening your laptop and hoping for a professional experience may not be the best strategy.

The advantages for professional practitioners are enormous as traditionally, your geographical area was your market, now its the world.  Successful practitioners are extending the range and message far and wide and reaping the rewards.

This CPD training event will explore lots of options, look at what we have learnt over the last two years and has now become our main working methodology, we will share our insights in both software and equipment and simple things to do to ensure a professional online delivery experience for your clients.

This workshop will be delivered online via Zoom by Tony Nutley, the CEO and Founder of the UK College of Personal Development.  Zoom links will be send to all registered delegates on the day of the event.