NLP & Coaching Taster Day


FREE Training Event – £5.00 post & admin

This one day event is for anyone interested in NLP and coaching for either personal development , or are considering training and becoming an NLP and coaching professional.

A fun and rich learning experience with ideas that can be used straight away in your personal and professional life.

Date: 10th September 2022

Times: 10.00 am -5.00 pm.

Location: Live Online

Includes a free copy of our latest book: NLP: An Introduction for every attendee*, this will be dispatched in the post.



NLP & Coaching Taster Day – September 10th NLP: An Introduction

Lets start with a few questions:

  • Have you ever thought about learning more about Coaching?
  • Have you heard about NLP and wondered how it can help you?
  • Have you considered enhancing and developing your overall soft skills?
  • Do you want to understand just HOW to plan and manage your own life towards success and happiness

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this One Day Workshop is for you.

You may have heard of NLP, as the “science of success”. It is a methodology that provides guidance on how to create a life that you actually want to live and share with others.

This fun and interactive day is for anyone that is curious about NLP and or Coaching. You may be interested in the unique techniques of NLP and how they can help you and those around you.

This workshop is a full day of LIVE online training with lots of explanations of techniques, practice sessions and some time for questions and answers.

Additional Online Resources

Plus, once you are registered, you will have access to two online modules of pre-study content. One looks at the history of NLP, its key developers and its major applications. The second one looks at the history of Coaching, how it developed as a methodology and some other essential background knowledge to get you ready for the LIVE training event.

Join our Founder and CEO Tony Nutley on this practical and informative introduction to NLP and Coaching.  Tony will cover the fundamentals of using NLP for better communication, including how you can improve your connection with others. For those thinking about NLP for their personal development, you will learn the fundamental principles and how to apply them to help yourself.  For considering becoming a coach or those already qualified in coaching you will learn the basic principles of using NLP in your work.

We will have live demonstrations of coaching and using NLP models and techniques and you will get the opportunity to coach and be coached  yourself.

The areas we will cover include:

  • NLP: the key principles, origins, background, and a little history.
  • Benefits of learning NLP – and the success that this can lead to
  • How to set life changing goals and achieve them.
  • Coaching: how it began, what is it and coaching ethics.
  • Why NLP & Coaching together: powerful ways to make these two disciplines work together.
  • NLP Techniques: you will learn and practice a powerful NLP technique and go away being able to use for yourself or to help others.
  • Professional qualifications in NLP & Coaching – Who are the Professional and Accraeadting bodies etc.

We will also answer questions that are often asked like:

  • What does an NLP Coach do?
  • What’s the meaning of Neuro Linguistic Programming?
  • Type of people that learn NLP – and whether this could be you 
  • What sort of problems and challenges can NLP and the Coaching framework help you with 
  • What are the applications of NLP in the real world – personally and professionally

Copy of the Book: NLP: An Introduction

And loads more, including a free copy of our latest book: NLP: An Introduction for every attendee*, this will be dispatched in the post.

The days training is one hundred percent free, the £5.00 contribution is for post and admin. 

You will be sent a Zoom link to access the days training event two days before the scheduled date and again on the morning of the event.

*UK delegates only

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