The PROGRESS Coaching Model


The PROGRESS™ Coaching Model – A CPD Workshop

The PROGRESS™ Coaching Model takes key elements from traditional coaching models, adds some key NLP elements and a touch of positive psychology.

This unique coaching approach will give you a new way of working that unlocks the underlying resources of both the coach and the client as they work together to develop a clear and motivating strategy to create progress.

Dates:  This action and information packed event is delivered LIVE over two evening events: June 23rd & June 30th.



The PROGRESS™ Coaching Model – A CPD WorkshopThe PROGRESS™ Coaching Model

This model was developed by Ross Temple & Tony Nutley. Ross works as a performance coach with small business ventures and start-ups that really want to grow. In the last 12 months or so, Ross has spent hundreds of hours coaching company owners and directors, this experience has contributed to the development of this model. It initially evolved from ideas that came from the practical day to day coaching work undertaken by Ross Temple, Tony Nutley then added to and worked with Ross to develop the ideas into a fully-fledged coaching model and methodology.

Tony is an experienced coach and coach trainer having over 20 years in the industry, Tony has been testing this model with a small group of ILM and AC coaching students with extremely positive feedback.

The outcome they have been working towards is to create a truly holistic coaching approach that is a step beyond a linear coaching approach.

During this two evening event workshops, we will be exploring the PROGRESS™ model and how it is a key part of the Generative Coaching Cycle™ and how it enables entrepreneurs, business owners, managers and leaders, to take stock of where they are, be clear about future outcomes and how to develop a clear and winning strategy to achieve success.

With a mix of traditional coaching approaches, NLP techniques, and a little positive psychology they have been working together to develop and test new and interesting coaching approaches with great success. These include:

  • The Generative Coaching Cycle™
  • The WHAT Coaching Method™
  • The PROGRESS™ Coaching Model

What one client has said: 

I’ve worked with Ross and the PROGRESS model over a number of months and have found it to be an exceptional tool for the step-by-step pathway needed to succeed in business. Going through the PROGRESS model has made sure that my mind is focused only on the aspects that need to be focused on, to help make sure it keeps up the momentum. I’ve been using the model consistently since Ross first introduced it to me, and it’s massively contributed to my focus, implementation, and speed of work – Freemoov Property

Skill Level: This workshop is suitable for any Coaching  or NLP students /graduates – that are looking top build their Coaching Practice and develop a sustainable business.