Who Are UKCPD?

Accelerating global change and new technologies like the internet and AI are disrupting work, careers, and education. For many of us, our traditional education never really prepared us for this brave new world.

The UK College of Personal Development has training programmes that teach and mentor you in skills that show you how to thrive in this new fast-changing world. We develop and deliver the world’s very best programmes in both Personal & Professional Development. Learn from the best teachers and trainers on our powerful interactive learning platform.

The UK College of Personal Development is an Award-Winning independent training organisation, we have over 20 years of experience in delivering the very highest quality training, both personal development courses and professional qualifications.

Our expertise and the key focus of our training is in the following areas:

Some of our quility awards include:

Award winning approach

We believe that it is our attention to detail is key to the Award-Winning approach, we have highly experienced accredited trainers, a comfortable training environment, ongoing aftercare and CPD options. It all adds up to a training experience that is second to none.

The UK College of Personal Development was originally developed as an idea in 1998. In the beginning, the plan was for a group of like-minded people to work together to do something positive with the knowledge and experience they had in developing and delivering high-quality training.

This idea grew and in no time at all the College was founded and began delivering workshops in 1999. The UK College of Personal Development was incorporated as a limited company in 2008.

Over the years the College has grown and adapted to the changing challenges and needs of people wishing to invest in both their personal and professional development. The recent health pandemic has been a pivotal moment in our evolution as it forced us to deliver our live training online, while we originally thought at first this was a temporary arrangement, it has proved to be one of the more popular things we have ever done.

So, after much consultation, we have become primarily an online or digital training company that host occasional in-person events. This move also prompted us to look at our carbon footprint, gone were all the printed catalogues, brochures and most of the training material, however, it was clear that we were now using a great deal more electricity, powering a new student platform and additional server use.

So, we decided to become a Carbon Natural Business and we now fund the planting of 360 trees every year to more than offset our organisational carbon footprint.

While we may no longer have our major training at our training centre, we know that the move to online has given us the opportunity to reach many more people as we now have a truly international reach.


From the very start, we were clear that we wanted to have our training provision externally validated. So we approached what we believed to be the leading professional and academic awarding bodies and worked with them to gain the appropriate professional memberships and training accreditations.

The UK College of Personal Development works with the leading professional bodies to ensure the highest standards and the best qualifications are provided to our students. We currently are members of the following Professional / Accrediting Bodies: