ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership & Management


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ILM Certificate in Leadership & Management

The ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership & Management is designed for practicing middle managers, helping them to develop their skills and experience, improve performance and prepare for senior management responsibilities.

Our unique approach to the ILM Certificate in Leadership and Management is designed to enable students to take personal responsibility for managing their own professional and personal development. This involves increasing their understanding and developing their insights into leadership and management as it relates to their own situation. The aim is to enhance their leadership and management performance and that of their organisation.

This ILM Level 5 Leadership and Management Certificate consists of one unit:

  • Unit: 8607-521: Managing own continuing professional development

Students work with a tutor to develop a personal development plan (PDP), based on an analysis of the challenges arising from their organisation, their strengths and the development areas that arise. They then work on their PDP over the remaining months of the programme, interacting with their tutor and reflecting on progress and achievements on a regular basis.

Then, at the end of the process, they evaluate the impacts on their knowledge and capabilities on their organisation of the delivery of the plan. These plans, reflections and evaluations form the basis of the assessment.

This is a comprehensive programme of personal study and reflection and planning ones ongoing CPD.  Included is a full iWAM psychometric profile to enable you to really understand your strengths and weaknesses.

iWAM Psychometric Profile

The Inventory for Work Attitude & Motivation (iWAM) is a questionnaire used for job-related activities, such as recruitment, coaching and training projects. It is based on meta-programmes, a model of thinking styles (48 parameters are measured and explained).  The iWAM report shows a person’s strengths and areas of development in the work context in terms of attitude and motivation.

The comprehensive report helps you to understand what motivates you and what makes a good day at work.  Why some tasks are “easy” and others require more effort. It also shows how you generally behave in various tasks, such as administration, customer contact or managerial tasks.

Understanding Learning Styles

A key personal review area is that of your Learning Style, having a solid understanding of your learning style will help you identify which learning styles and techniques will be most useful to you as you research and plan your future development plan.

Leadership Style Questionnaire

To develop as a leader, you really need to understand your leadership style, another feature of this course content is the Leadership Style Questionnaire, a self assessment tool that will show you your current preferred leadership style and give you an indication of what may need to be developed in the context of your future leadership and management duties.

What benefits might I expect from this programme of study and qualification

For You

  • Use core management techniques to drive better results
  • Develop your ability to lead, motivate and inspire
  • Provide strategic leadership as well as day-to-day management
  • Benchmark your managerial skills
  • Develop your capabilities in a way that is tailored to your needs
  • Raise your profile in your organisation

For your employer

  • Encourage strategic thinking at this level of management to foster business improvement
  • Engage middle managers with training and development – this qualification is designed to provide clear, measurable benefits to career-minded professionals
  • Customise this qualification to your development needs and the needs of your organisation
  • Gain impacts that can help improve your organisation’s performance